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Turfing & Artificial Grass Essex

Turfing & Artificial Grass in Essex

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Global Landscaping and Drives provides a wide range of services in Essex that help you improve your home’s look and functionality. One of the key services we offer is Essex turf laying and installing artificial grass. We give you the most beautiful gardens using premium quality turf.

Our team has decades of experience installing artificial grass and high-quality lawn turf. Our excellent service makes your lawn look amazing year-round. Need the best artificial grass and turf for your home? Look no further than us.

Turf laying services Essex

At Global Landscaping and Drives, we provide a wide variety of turf options for our customers across Essex. Here are some of the different types of garden lawn turf:

turf laying company in Essex

Benefits of real grass

There are many benefits of using real grass in your new lawn in Essex. These are:

  • Real grass is better for the environment
  • It has proved to reduce stress and be better for health
  • If maintained properly, it can give the lawn an amazing look
  • In many cases, laying turf or growing your grass is more economical than buying artificial grass

Artificial grass installation Essex

There are different types of artificial grass that you can choose from. We give our customers details about all of them and let them make a choice. We also provide our expert opinion on which artificial grass would better suit their lawn. Below are the different varieties of artificial grass:

artificial grass installation

Benefits of fake grass

Some of the benefits of using fake or artificial grass in your properties are:

  • An artificial lawn takes less maintenance
  • Artificial lawns are easier to clean or hose off
  • Most of them come with a ten year guarantee
  • Perfect for areas that get no sunlight or have extremely harsh winters

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If you are looking for the best turf or artificial grass layers in Essex that will provide you with a great service, then contact us for a no obligation quote for our services.

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